In the Presbyterian Church (USA) members are ordained to the offices of Elder and Deacon.  The term of office to actively serve is for three years.  Yet ordination is for life.  The Nominating Committee nominates officers to the congregation for election at the September congregational meeting.  The term of office begins January 1st of the following year.

  • ELDERS:  Elders are chosen by the congregation to govern the church.  The duty of the elders, together and individually, is to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation.  The elders assist in worship, serve on church committees, bring important issues to the Session meetings, comfort the sick and the lonely, encourage others and serve faithfully in their leadership to the congregation, the church and the community.
  • DEACONS:  Deacons are chosen by the congregation to minister to the congregation.  The role of the deacons is to demonstrate care and concern that our church has for those who are home bound.  The deacons send cards, call or visit individuals and sometimes run errands or take in food.  Each deacon is responsible for contacting two people a month.  Deacons assist in communion.