From The Pastor

From the Pastor

Dear Congregation,

      Most of my office books have been unpacked, some pictures are hung and my 'unclean animals' rest on their sheet atop my bookcase.  I am starting to feel at home.  This week I joined colleagues at the Hanging Rock Group Lunch in Jackson.  Within a week, I attend the presbytery’s Professional Retreat at Deer Creek Lodge.  I am getting connected.  This afternoon  Jim and I closed on our house in Logan.  I think we are here to stay!

      We thank you for the warm, generous welcome extended to us.  We have received cookies, fruitcake and cards, been invited to many dinners, attended a football game which occurred between the marching band shows, and helped harvest the largest red beet ever!  Why did we ever leave Ohio?  Thanks be to God, who brought us back!

      Over the next few weeks, the church calendar will be filling with church officer training, stewardship reminders, and installations.  Then Advent marks the beginning of a new church year.  This is an exciting time of endings and beginnings.  Through all of the activity, may we see God’s handiwork and relax into the sure and certain knowledge of God’s steadfast love. 

                Blessings and peace,

Pastor Liz


Posted on August 1, 2014 .