Good neighbor gift market

Gifts for individuals & families in crisis in southeastern Ohio and Dominican Republic.

Gifts that honor your family & friends

this holiday season.


December 2, 2017

6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


December 3, 2017

11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


First Presbyterian Church

2 West Hunter Street

Logan, Ohio 43138


Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Neighbors become more special

as new years come and go.

Bless each one with a special gift

and let your friendship grow.

For God has us in His hands

each and everyone.

Support your neighbors as yourself

and half the battle’s won.

With all the trials in this world

and the troubles that exist,

be aware He has a plan.

He’s always in our midst.

So come on in and browse around.

You’re sure to find a friend.

Honor your family, teacher, leader

and help your neighbor in the end.


Dear Fiends,

Welcome to My Shopping List for the Good Neighbor Gift Market.  Alternative gifts purchased from this catalog empower people to help themselves and others.  You can honor your family and friends this holiday season by giving to local charities and the Dominican Republic.  Your gift providing a lunch for twenty people through Home Away From Home will be much more appreciated than a common commercial holiday gift. 

This catalog has many more choices for holiday gift giving and charitable giving.  There are opportunities ranging from buying a bedroom door for a Habitat for Humanity house to providing a nutritious meal delivered to a senior at home through the Meals-On-Wheels program.

You are cordially invited to the Annual Good Neighbor Gift Market to be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Westminster House on December 2, 2017 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. and December 3, 2017 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  There will be 12 display booths of various charities to choose from.  You may purchase as many units of an item as you wish.  

Orders will be accepted until December 15, 2017. 

Thank you for shopping with the Good Neighbor Gift Market.  Your support is very much appreciated. 


Good Neighbor Gift Market Committee


Appalachian Peace & Justice Network

APJN empowers and challenges groups and individuals to work for peace and social justice.  Rooted in the values of justice, peace, non-violence and empowerment, APJN facilitates positive action by local people in the Appalachian region of Ohio.  

APJN uses dialogue, training, education, networking and coalition building to counter injustice and promote imaginative solutions to conflict.

APJN builds capacity for peacemaking through bully prevention, conflict management and peer mediation classes for schools and community groups.

$10  =      buys a resource for a classroom

$20  =    provides an hour of training for up to                        30 students

$75  =      provides an hour of training for up to                       30 teachers


The Bowen House

The Bowen House Cultural Arts and Education Center is located at 196 North Market Street in Logan. It is leased from the First Presbyterian Church for twenty-five years and serves as an arts center to promote art, artisans, music, and community.  Our mission is to provide opportunities for diverse cultural enrichment, positive social interaction, historical preservation and aesthetic development and appreciation.

 As a non-profit organization, The Bowen House functions primarily through memberships and generous community donations of funds and time. The Bowen House continues to create shows, activities and classes that are inviting the community.

 The 2017 calendar has been a busy one at The Bowen House. Each month featured a show representing artists of all ages.  Our lawn was the location for some summer concerts as well as the church Bible School. New classes and groups from couponing to yoga, from pies to barbershop quartets, continue to keep the house open to our community on a daily basis. The physical plant has a new air conditioner, refrigerator, gutters, and porch furniture.

 The Bowen House has no paid employees.  A dedicated group of volunteers open the doors for regular hours and helps with each event.  Our expanded schedule will make 2018 another year that we will seek even more volunteers.

 The Gift Market is a wonderful opportunity for the church to celebrate what The Bowen House means to us.  It will be an opportunity to renew a membership, offer service as a volunteer, or discuss teaching a class.  To learn more about the life of The Bowen House, visit our website: at

$25    =    To purchase materials for a workshop or class

$45    =    To provide a Scholarship for one child to attend Summer Arts                 Experience

$25, $50, $100 and above = become a member. 

 See us at our booth for membership details.




Mountain Mission -


·       We build 6 to 8 homes per year for the poorest of the poor.

·       We operate 3 preschools and 1 kindergarten for the at-risk children in remote villages.

·       We do door-to-door medical screening and preventive education.

·       We train local women in basic nursing skills.

·       We provide school supplies for 6 schools and clothing to those in need in 6 churches.

$30.00   =    Provide food for one classroom for three                              days

$35.00   =    Provide medical supplies for three families

$50.00   =    Provide a Dominican teacher's aide for 1                                 week

$75.00   =    Provide 120 cement blocks for a new family                         home


Geneva Hills

- Home of Chi Rho Christian Camps -

"Where Faith Meets Life" 

Guided by our faith in Jesus Christ, Geneva Hills provides an environment, program, and facilities for outdoor education, summer camps, retreats, and events.

Since 1959, Geneva Hills has provided a place of peace, relaxation, inspiration, and recovery from the daily grind for church groups, schools, businesses, community organizations, individuals, and families.                                                                                                           

Located just south of Lancaster in Fairfield County, Geneva Hills is the best kept secret!  An easy 40 mile drive from Columbus, Geneva Hills offers cabins, lodges, and rustic campsites with activities that include canoeing, kayaking, fishing, over 10 miles of hiking paths, high ropes course, swimming pool and more! 

 Come enjoy 350 acres of natural beauty and serenity with over 10 miles of hiking paths, mature trees, hills, valleys, rock face, waterfalls, streams, and abundant wildlife.  Come encounter God in His marvelous creation!

 Geneva Hills is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization whose mission continues through the generosity of benefactors like you!  For more information, go to All donations are tax deductible.

 Honor your loved ones this Christmas season by sponsoring or donating to send a child to camp!  Your gift helps provide summer camp experiences for children with disabilities.  Geneva Hills has partnered with the Department of Disabilities to provide a place for kids to experience summer camp.

$50       =    Provide 2 crafts for kids at camp

$100    =   Provides lunch for a child for Day Camp

$200     =   Sponsor a child for a week of All Abilities Day Camp


Good Works, Inc. - A Community of HOPE 

      Celebrating 36 Years! 

The vision of Good Works is to create a community of HOPE with and for people who are struggling with poverty and homelessness in rural Appalachia.  As a Christian community, we are seeking to grow in our love for God and for our neighbor.  We offer contexts through which people in need can experience Biblical hospitality, access practical assistance, and share their gifts with others.  In doing so, we facilitate ways for people from all walks of life to build relationships of love and service with their neighbors.

Along with about 20 other initiatives, we operate the Good Works Timothy House, which is currently the only shelter for people without homes in 8 Southeastern Ohio counties. 

·       Each year, the Timothy House provides 150 to 225 people with food and             shelter. 

·     We serve men, women and families with children

·       We have provided 100,000 nights of shelter over the last 30 years. 

·       Our objective is to provide a safe, clean, stable, temporary place, yet                homelike place for people to be while the residents work on the issues in           their lives which led to the situation of homelessness. 

·       We match each resident with a Care-giver who meets with them one-on-           one to build a trusting relationship, help them identify their goals,                     provide  loving accountability, and connect them with services in the                   community. 

·       We have structured the Timothy House so that each resident is encouraged        to take responsibility and can maintain personal dignity.  For example,           residents share responsibility for cleaning the house, fixing meals, and              doing laundry.  

·       The Timothy House is located in Athens within walking distance to stores       and potential work sites.  The facility currently has 4 bedrooms with 15             beds, a living room, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 offices, and a large                        eating/meeting room. 

  • To learn more, contact us!               Web:

Phone:  740.594.3339                     Email:

$20  =  1/2 day of food, shelter & support for 1 person

$40  =  1 day of food, shelter & support for 1 person


Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio (HFHSEO) seeks to eliminate substandard housing and homelessness in partnership with God here in Hocking County, as well as worldwide, and to make affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action.

·      HFHSEO was founded in 1990.  In 2012, Habitat of Hocking County merged with Athens County Habitat for Humanity to create Habitat for Humanity of Southeast Ohio.  This was done in an effort to reach more families with our mission.

·      All donations from Hocking County stay in Hocking County to provide housing for families in need.

·     HFHSEO is working on repairs in Hocking County and will begin a new build in the Fall, 2018.

·      HFHSEO is starting a new committee with churches in Logan called The Hocking County Apostles.  To spread God’s work throughout the year, even when they aren’t building.  Contact us if you’d like to be part of this awesome ministry! 

        $15    =     5 (2x6) Exterior Wall Studs

        $25    =     Bundle of Shingles

        $55    =     Bedroom Door

        $120  =     Window



P.O. Box 1108

Logan, Ohio 43138


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“Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.”  Matthew 25:40

Just as the organizations you support were formed as a result of recognizing a need in Hocking County, so has HHIS been formed.  HHIS is an ever-growing group of volunteers that have recognized the need to provide the homeless in Hocking County an opportunity for a better way of life.  We have been a 501 (c) (3) organization since 2012.

 We receive calls almost daily from individuals and families looking for help.  Many people are only an event or two away from being homeless - broken relationships, job loss, physical illness, mental illness, abuse, disaster.  It is very difficult for people with no resources and no mailing address to get back on their feet without some help.  Many of our residents tell us I had no hope, but you have given me hope.  HHIS has provided shelter to hundreds of individuals since opening a 5 bed temporary emergency shelter on December 2, 2013.  We have a new shelter under construction in West Logan to better meet the need of the community.  We look forward to being better able to serve families.

Our community has been great by providing meals, food, paper products, cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels and sheets.  Things we can always use are canned and boxed food, trash bags (kitchen size), paper towels, spray cleaner with bleach, dish soap, large bottles of body wash and shampoo, razors and shaving cream, toilet paper, umbrellas and ponchos, and laundry soap.  Many people would like to donate clothing to us but we do not have the storage space for that type of donation.  Our greatest need is dollars for operating expenses since we are funded by grants, donations, and fundraisers.

 We thank you for your support to the many wonderful caring organizations you support and appreciate your prayers and consideration for HHIS.  Our meetings are the first Saturday of every month at 9:30 a.m. at Olde Dutch Restaurant and are open to the public.  Follow us on Facebook (Hocking Hills Inspire Shelter) for the latest news.  God Bless!

          $35    =    Cost to house 1 person overnight

          $70    =    Cost to house a family of 2 overnight


Home Away From Home is a community based nonprofit organization dedicated to the recovery of people with mental illness by enhancing personal development and well being and fostering community involvement.  Participants help one another and receive support from staff and volunteers in handling the challenges of everyday living.   

We are now serving a hot lunch every weekday for our clients.  We provide a safe place for them to socialize. 

·      Recreational, social, and vocational opportunities

·       Good physical and mental health habits

·       Daily living skills

·       Linkage to health and social services

·       Homelike atmosphere

               $20      =       craft supplies

               $40      =       bowling trip for 5 people

               $100    =       5 days of lunch serving up to 20 people


Laurelville Community Food Pantry, Inc.

The Laurelville Community Food Pantry was started in 1992 by a group of volunteers to help provide basic services to their neighbors in a crisis situation.  It remains an all volunteer organization serving residents in Benton, Laurel, Perry and Saltcreek townships of Hocking County. 

·       The Pantry’s primary focus is food for hungry people. 

·      Last year families in our area received 2,079 boxes                containing 56,529 individual meals

·       We have also provided limited help with utilities,                   emergency prescription needs, etc.

·      The Food Pantry is open every Wednesday from 10 a.m.        to 12 noon at the old bus barn at Laurelville Elementary        School. 

·      For more information, call Alice at 740-969-2224 or            Dale at 740-438-6699.

              12.00    =   will feed a family of 3 for at least 3 days

$24.00    =   will feed a family of 6 for at least 3 days



Nearly 7 Million elderly go hungry in America because they cannot buy all the food they need.  This national trend does not exclude Hocking, Athens, and Perry Counties, where 16.2% of the residents over the age 65 live below the poverty level.

The SE Ohio Foodbank and Kitchen contains a state-of-the-art central kitchen that prepares on average over 1,000 meals daily for the homebound elderly, senior meal sites, and free summer lunches for kids, and Head Start in Hocking, Athens, and Perry Counties.

In addition to a hot, nutritious meal, the Meals-on-Wheels program serves as a safety net for the elderly. The meal driver carries an emergency number for each client in case that person has fallen or has become ill.  For too many elderly, the driver is their only contact.

Unfortunately, due to diminishing public funding, there is a waiting list to get on the MOW program.  To help, you can “adopt” a homebound elderly resident.  Your donation can help provide a nutritious meal for a senior delivered at home.

            $7.00     =  1 meal for 1 day delivered

          $50.00  =  1 meal a day for 1 week delivered


My Sister’s Place

My Sister’s Place provides emergency shelter and support services to victims of family violence in Hocking, Athens, and Vinton Counties.

Services include:

·       Individual and group counseling

·       Free & Confidential Outreach Counseling & Support Services

·       Case Management

·       Court Advocacy

·       24 hour a day toll-free hotline

·       24 hour a day emergency shelter

·       Community Education

All My Sister’s Place Services are available to Hocking County residents.

 $10     =   transportation fees: gasoline cards/bus                    tokens

 $25     =   client’s medical needs

 $50     =   grocery store gift certificate for holiday                 family dinner

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Westminster Preschool

Westminster Preschool has provided quality preschool services for 36 years to children in Hocking County.  We strive to help children develop to their fullest potential in a child centered developmentally appropriate learning environment.  Our daily curriculum provides opportunities to nurture children’s mental, physical, emotional and social development through a variety of creative experiences which promote balanced growth.

Because we are a mission of the First Presbyterian Church, we have worked hard to keep the cost of sending a child to preschool at a reasonable rate to make preschool affordable for many families.  We recognize the financial demands that are placed on many young families today.  The cost of sending a child to our school for one month for a three day a week class is $90.00.  A two day a week class is $80.00.

Throughout the years, we have been able to offer scholarship assistance to families of children attending our program due to a variety of reasons.  Scholarship assistance has been offered on an as-needed-basis to families whose children are enrolled in our school.  In the past two years, the number of children receiving partial scholarship assistance has increased, but our tuition has not.  We need to continue to build our scholarship fund, so that when a family is in need, we can help.

Westminster Preschool is seeking support through the Gift Market so that we can continue to provide the quality of preschool education which is necessary to prepare children for the rigorous challenges which they now meet when they enter kindergarten.  Now more than ever, children need to have experiences outside of the home environment to be fully ready for the challenges which they will encounter when they enter school.  This year we are asking for donations to enhance our literacy curriculum, in addition to help with scholarship funds.

We will gladly accept monetary donations of any amount.  Your financial assistance helps the lives of many children!

$10.00 = Materials to enhance our science curriculum

$23.00 = Scholarship assistance for one week of preschool

$90.00 = Scholarship assistance




Posted on August 4, 2017 .




We had a successful Easter egg hunt on The Bowen House lawn.

We had a successful Easter egg hunt on The Bowen House lawn.

Posted on December 6, 2016 .



Congratulations to our 2017 high school graduates.

Congratulations to our 2017 high school graduates.

Posted on December 6, 2016 .